David Culp European street scenes.

2017 Exibition.

| 09 November, 2016 13:22

April 2017 exhibition at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery

531 W. 25th Street, ground floor.

New York, NY 10001

Named one of the "Top 10 Galleries in Chelsea" by Holiday Velvet, 2009.

See:  amsterdamwhitneygallery.com/david-culp

New additional gallery - Caricatures with caption.

| 06 June, 2016 18:23

I 've done thirty years of European street scenes. I think I can change once in a while to a lighter vein with these caricatures with captions. I see faces in random objects which I can use in this new work. They can be anywhere in any material - artists are good at creating faces in prosaic objects found every day around us. Give us a Rorschach test and we amase the doctor with an unending stream of imagination. "Are you an artist", he asks?


| 29 February, 2016 17:10

"International Contempory Masters" - 2011, by World Wide Art Books, volume V, page 102.

"Inspiration: International Art Book", Contemporary Masters Collection - 2016.      SEE ARTBOOK.GALLERY/DAVID.CULP

Giclee prints. See: davidculp.imagekind.com

| 14 August, 2013 11:03

2013 - 2014 Exhibitions.

| 08 January, 2013 17:32

My exhibition for these years will be at:

Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art

511 West 25th Street

New York, NY 10001

In the month of April.

2012 Exhibition.

| 22 March, 2012 14:42

My currant exhibition can be seen at my dealer's gallery:

Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art

511 West 25th Street

New York, Ny 10001

213 255-9050

April 6th to May 1st.


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